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Re: RFS for pysolfc and related packages [Was: [Request for review/sponsorship/packaging] rinutils - a C library of headers used by Shlomi Fish's C projects (New Thread)]

Hi all!

On Fri, 4 Dec 2020 00:31:43 +0200
Juhani Numminen <juhaninumminen0@gmail.com> wrote:

> Shlomi Fish kirjoitti 3.12.2020 klo 9.35:
> > Hi all!  
> > Currently getting recent versions of my FOSS packaged into debian bullseye
> > before the freezes is my highest priority due to the prevalence of Debian
> > and its derivatives. Here is the plan/progress doc:
> > 
> > https://github.com/shlomif/shlomif-public-notes/blob/master/notes/updating-shlomif-foss-to-their-new-releases--in-debian-bullseye-before-the-freeze.asciidoc
> > 
> > (short URL: https://is.gd/LIdqCv ).  
> PySolFC is a game maintained by Shlomi Fish, so I'll branch off of his thread.
> I'd like to update PySolFC to the latest upstream version, and have three
> actionable requests for sponsorship:
> * https://bugs.debian.org/975662
>   pyrandom2/1.0.1-2.1 (required by the other two, NMU with fix for an RC bug)
> * https://bugs.debian.org/976353
>   python-pysol-cards/0.10.1-1 (ITP, new python module required by pysolfc
> 2.10.1)
> * https://bugs.debian.org/976357
>   pysolfc/2.10.1-1 (the current release of PySolFC)

This is just a confirmation that these packages are indeed required by the
upstream pysolfc. I approve (+1) of a debian dev sponsoring them.

The following pypi packages are optional and improve the user experience a

* https://pypi.org/project/black-hole-solver/

* https://pypi.org/project/freecell-solver/

(not to be confused with the C libraries (*.so) which they wrap)


> Best Regards,
> Juhani Numminen


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