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Re: I plan to ask for removal of gnomekiss from the achive

2018-01-10 18:24 GMT+01:00 Simon McVittie <smcv@debian.org>:
On Wed, 10 Jan 2018 at 17:46:08 +0100, Markus Koschany wrote:
> Packages at risk from being removed:
> ghextris
> mmpong
> monster-masher
> gnome-breakout
> jumpnbump
> magicor
> pegsolitaire
> gamazons
> gnomekiss

jumpnbump and gamazons are the only ones of these that have been uploaded
since stable, and for gamazons it was only a packaging update anyway.

If nobody intends to maintain these for buster, I'd recommend
getting them removed from unstable now, with the possible exception
of jumpnbump. Prospective users can always fetch them (and the
obsolete GNOME 2 libraries that they depend on) from stable, and if I
understand the rules correctly, as long as a copy exists in the main
Debian archive (ftp.debian.org, as opposed to archive.debian.org and
snapshots.debian.org), new maintainers wouldn't even have to go through
the NEW queue.

In the case of jumpnbump, the only use of GNOME 2 libraries seems to
be a relatively small python-gtk menu, which presumably wouldn't be
rocket science to convert to python-gi (PyGI) and then from there to
python3-gi (which is another good reason to move away from python-gtk
- it has never been available for Python 3). The actual game is
C with SDL and shouldn't need porting AFAICS. The accompanying
GLADE file will need converting to GtkBuilder at the same time
Since that doesn't seem a huge task, and testing/unstable does contain
a newer upstream release that isn't available in stable, it might be
reasonable to remove jumpnbump from testing but leave it in unstable.

I'm one of the upstream maintainers of Jump 'n Bump [0] in the Libre Gemes [1] collective.

I don't see any reason to drop Jump 'n Bump from Debian as we got a new upstream release in 2017, and there are no dependencies on GNOME 2 libraries in the actual game.

As Simon mentions, the only part which requires GTK+2 is jumpnbump-menu that you're shipping as an unofficial menu (and which we integrated upstream as it's convenient, albeit obsolete).
It's not a strong dependency of the game which works just fine without shipping the PyGTK menu, so feel free to just get rid of it.

We do intend to drop the PyGTK frontend eventually [2] and replace it by a proper C/SDL2 in-game menu, but this hasn't been implemented yet. But again, this is an unofficial frontend that was not part of the original game, and it's fine to ship Jump 'n Bump without it for now.

At any rate, please communicate with us upstream regarding any decisions/changes you'd like to make regarding Jump 'n Bump. The purpose of Libre Games is to provide a reactive home to older free software games, in particular so that distros have an upstream to interact with instead of cooking their own patches for themselves.

Rémi / Akien

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