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Re: I plan to ask for removal of gnomekiss from the achive


Markus Koschany kirjoitti 10.01.2018 klo 18:46:

> there are even more candidates. I don't intend to port them to Gnome 3
> and will eventually request their removal from Debian. There is still
> time until the next freeze if someone wants to maintain them though.
> Packages at risk from being removed:
> pegsolitaire

I intend to maintain pegsolitaire. I have already eliminated libgnome*
and libglade dependencies, but haven't ported it to gtk3 yet – I still
have to figure out how to replace GdkGC with cairo.
The code is hosted at https://github.com/jnumm/pegsolitaire .

I'd like to have a "pegsolitaire" repository under debiangames-team at
Salsa for the packaging, could someone create it for me? Thanks :)
(Not related to this thread, but could you then also create a repository
for "pentobi", under debiangames-team as well, I will update it to a
new upstream version)

Pegsolitare was maintained using svn on alioth. I'm going to convert
that to git, so hopefully these instructions are still ok:


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