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Re: renaming debiangames-team to games-team on salsa, objections?

Paul Wise wrote:
> PS: why is it debiangames-team and not just games-team?
> The debian seems redundant with debian.org already in the URL.

The first games team member to try moving stuff to Salsa chose the name,
and now that some arbitrarily chosen DDs have control over the group,
nobody else has changed it yet. It's like a do-ocracy, or possibly a
don't-do-ocracy (so far nobody has wanted to be the one to rename it).

If we do want to rename the team, now is the time, before it gets too many
package repositories created and in Vcs-* in the archive. The majority
of teams created so far seem to be of the form foo-team, with a few
debian-foo-team or pkg-foo-team.

I would personally prefer games-team, and if nobody is made furiously
angry by that name, I'm happy to rename it.

(I'm aware that I'm not exactly a core team member - I maintain a few
packages and mostly stay out of everyone else's - so I'm also fine with
handing over the group to more active people and sticking to packaging :-)


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