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Re: Trigger Rally updated in Debian?

2016-07-26 9:47 GMT+02:00 Rhonda D'Vine <rhonda@deb.at>:
>     Uhm,
>  do I read that response correctly that a configuration file template
> should be stored in /usr/bin?  That's a no-go and I hope we'll be able
> to apply a patch for that within Debian at least.  If Andrei feels
> insulted by questions then I'm worried if we are allowed to be puzzled
> by an approach of storing configuration files within an executable
> search path ...

Agreed, that's bogus.

If upstream really does not like having a DATADIR preprocessor
constant, a suggestion could be that he hardcodes the contents of the
config file in the binary directly, and copies it to the relevant
$HOME config folder when it's missing. The drawback is that the
template would have to be maintained in the C++ source directly,
though it could also be kept as a regular text file and converted to a
header by the buildsystem.

Hope this helps,
Rémi V. / Akien

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