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Re: Trigger Rally updated in Debian?


>Does this solve the problem on your system?

yes, this solved the issue, unfortunately while I could play locally at the game, I wasn't
able to make it suitable for Debian.
let me explain,
there is a trigger-rally package
and a trigger-rally-data that has just the data files (huge package).

Now, I can see the trigger-rally package trying to load the images/sounds and other stuff locally

cd bin
Application base directory "trigger-rally-0.6.4/bin/"
Loading game configuration
Failed to add PhysFS search directory "../data"

because this package isn't looking for the correct directory

before we were doing
./debian/rules:	dh_auto_configure -- --datadir=$(DATADIR)

and the game with autoconf was able to force the directory in the code
(something like
#ifndef DATADIR
#define DATADIR "../data"

now, with the missing variable, I don't know how to solve the path issue,
and moreover, upstream seems to be messy with the data package, I tried to extract
the data directory from the same tarball, but it seems to be like this:
ls data/
data.md5  data.zip  defplayers	icon  plugins

how is one supposed to unzip the zip file? do we need it?

sorry, but without further upstream help or a readme I can't really understand
what/where/why everything changed in the packaging.

Hope you will be able to ask upstream to clarify the packaging issues!



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