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Re: New libode version: transition

On Mon, 2015-10-19 at 08:42 +0000, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
> Hi Leopold
> > - Ensure it builds on all architectures in testing, where it built previously. 
> > 
> > I have seen that the new version of ode has not been compiled in Mips, it's 
> > queue. So, we can continue or we must wait this step?
> yes, please wait for mips to complete, it is still a release architecture.

Although waiting is the best thing to do, looking at the build queue
there are packages there which are 3 weeks old and still haven't been
built, so I would just ignore it (things should go faster when they're
uploaded to unstable).


> > - Check the auto-generated "auto-<source>" ben tracker. If not useful (or if 
> > it does not appear) generate an applicable one and include it in your request 
> > for a transition slot (see below).
> > 
> > - Test rebuild reverse dependencies
> > - Request a transition slot from the release team (reportbug 
> > release.debian.org)
> > - Wait for ACK
> > - Upload to unstable after ACK
> > - NMU reverse dependencies as needed. 
> > 
> you can already try to rebuild rdeps, and see if something is not building there.

Some trivial cases: soya and mokomaze obviously FTBFS because they
build-depend on libode-sp-dev. taoframework will need a source upload
since you can't binnmu arch:all packages. libode's change of SONAME
probably imples that some code will also have to be changed in that

> In that case please open a bug against the failed packages (RC severity), and
> try to help with patches.

Strictly speaking the bugs are not RC until the new libode hits


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