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Re: New libode version: transition

Hi Leopold

>- Ensure it builds on all architectures in testing, where it built previously. 

>I have seen that the new version of ode has not been compiled in Mips, it's 
>queue. So, we can continue or we must wait this step?

yes, please wait for mips to complete, it is still a release architecture.

>- Check the auto-generated "auto-<source>" ben tracker. If not useful (or if 
>it does not appear) generate an applicable one and include it in your request 
>for a transition slot (see below).
>- Test rebuild reverse dependencies
>- Request a transition slot from the release team (reportbug 
>- Wait for ACK
>- Upload to unstable after ACK
>- NMU reverse dependencies as needed. 


you can already try to rebuild rdeps, and see if something is not building there.

In that case please open a bug against the failed packages (RC severity), and
try to help with patches.

in the meanwhile you can ask for a transition slot, but their first answer will be
"did you test your rdeps?"




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