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Re: Old/unmaintained games

 ❦ 21 août 2015 13:43 -0700, Vincent Cheng <vcheng@debian.org> :

>> [Please, keep me in Cc, not subscribed]
>> I maintain Balazar 3 (a game) and Soya (the library Python used by this
>> game and some others). The archive also has Balazar Brothers as a user
>> of Soya.
>> Those games are not maintained anymore and this version of Soya is not
>> maintained anymore. If they were regular software, they could just be
>> removed from the archive. However, being a game, maybe they could stay
>> in the archive.
>> The popcon is low but not too low (about 500).
>> Is there some special "policy" about games? Should we try to keep them
>> in the archive or is that expected for them to be removed when they (and
>> their engine) are not maintained anymore?
> When you say "maintained", you mean "maintained by upstream", right?
> AFAIK there's no requirement that any given piece of software has to
> have an active upstream maintainer for it to be packaged in Debian,
> just so long as it has an active package maintainer within Debian. If
> you're willing to keep maintaining those packages yourself, I see no
> reason why they should be removed from the archive.

Yes, they are unmaintained upstream. But I have also orphaned them as I
have little interest in them now.
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