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Re: Old/unmaintained games


Am 21.08.2015 um 22:37 schrieb Vincent Bernat:
> Is there some special "policy" about games? Should we try to keep them
> in the archive or is that expected for them to be removed when they (and
> their engine) are not maintained anymore?

I think there are rules that apply to games and to all other software in
the archive. As long as you intend to maintain the games and users enjoy
playing them, there is no need to remove the packages. But obviously we
can't keep them forever if nobody steps forward to do the work and in
the end they will most likely rot in the archive. That would serve
nobody's interests and in the end you have unhappy users ("crappy game")
and unhappy maintainers ("oh no, it FTBFS again"). Teams are cool but we
need your help!



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