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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

Quoting Marko Lindqvist (cazfi74@gmail.com):

>  1) I said I wait debian-women to evaluate the whole situation. As far
> as I know you have not been designated to speak on their behalf.
>  2) I didn't claim there's no occurrences where Sara appears in
> bikinis. I said that there can be bikinis without it being sexist
> (bikinis are not 100% proof that it's sexist). That's why I want
> debian-women to evaluate the situation as a whole. I'm quite sure they
> are better suited for the job than you are. I'm absolutely sure they
> are better suited for the job than I am, so I see no reason to
> investigate it myself at the time.

The problem you'll have is that you're unlikely to get some kind of
"official stance of debian-women". The full thread can be read on the
list's archives and shows that opinions vary over the list members.
Indeed, there is no such concept as "Debian women members": just like many
things in Debian, these things are informal and more of the kind "who
is doing the job is the legitimate person.

Still, one can summarize the overall opinions expressed  in the thread
as "there is something to discuss with the game developers". The tone
hasn't been really aggressive, just expressing some concerns, none of
which really seems to be impossible to discuss/address.

My own recommendation, as someone defining self as a quite
longstanding member of the Debian-women project, would be discussing
these things with Miriam Ruiz. I think Miriam can act as a great
representative of opinions about gender neutrality from inside the
Debian project, as well as someone who has a good knowledge of the
gaming community, being a longstanding contributor of the Debian Games

I don't really see anything that can't be addressed in this issue,
indeed. And I would very much welcome that all this drives a peaceful
and respectful discussion....just as you're doing now, Marko.

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