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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

From: Marko Lindqvist <cazfi74@gmail.com>
>  There's absolutely no point in accepting sexism to Debian. In this
> particular case I don't claim to know yet if there is sexism involved,
> or are the accusations false - at least there has been multiple
> statements about how the said character is much more than just that
> one occurrence in bikinis, as well as her not being the only female.
> So I'm a bit worried about the possibility of reaching the other
> extreme; "Never allow women to be portrayed (as free to) wear
> bikinis." Acting based on false accusations would be disservice to
> everyone. I'm waiting debian-women to check the game itself.

Actually I don't see why you think upstream answer is saying that my
claims are false.
I said at the very beginning that the character Sara was a playable
character in the 0.8.1 version,
that there was another woman model (the aztec one).
Upstream didn't tell that I made up the screenshots either, they were
taken from a freshly installed 0.9 binary for Windows
 downloaded yesterday (except one picture took from the Release
Candidate but the character is still present).
The only modification I did is unlocking the tracks and display the
fps, I didn't change anything else.
I took pictures of all occurrences (that is 8) of women in bikini.
Unfortunatly I can't do more than taking a picture of the
character and their local context to prove their existence, again I
invite you and others to play the track to have a better
overview of their context and have an opinion on the matter.

By the way there is a strong focus on the swimming suit lately on this
thread but it's only a single point in what I'm requesting.
There is also the fact that the playable character "Sara the racer" is
revealing her pants while jumping.
Granted, it doesnt happen a lot (on the Star space tracks it happens
every lap though due to a long jump).
But there is was a sexist incident in the free software community
related to upskirting:
Even if STK doesnt necessarily refer to this incident, I think that
it's wrong to have such "joke" when this problem does exist for real
in the free software community.
While STK has the freedom to animate its character as wanted, Debian
also has the freedom to reject such things.


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