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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

On 3 May 2015 at 19:29, Vincent Lejeune <vljn.ovi@gmail.com> wrote:
> From: Marko Lindqvist <cazfi74@gmail.com>
>>  There's absolutely no point in accepting sexism to Debian. In this
>> particular case I don't claim to know yet if there is sexism involved,
>> or are the accusations false - at least there has been multiple
>> statements about how the said character is much more than just that
>> one occurrence in bikinis, as well as her not being the only female.
>> So I'm a bit worried about the possibility of reaching the other
>> extreme; "Never allow women to be portrayed (as free to) wear
>> bikinis." Acting based on false accusations would be disservice to
>> everyone. I'm waiting debian-women to check the game itself.
> Actually I don't see why you think upstream answer is saying that my
> claims are false.
> I said at the very beginning that the character Sara was a playable
> character in the 0.8.1 version,
> that there was another woman model (the aztec one).
> Upstream didn't tell that I made up the screenshots either, they were
> taken from a freshly installed 0.9 binary for Windows
>  downloaded yesterday (except one picture took from the Release
> Candidate but the character is still present).
> The only modification I did is unlocking the tracks and display the
> fps, I didn't change anything else.
> I took pictures of all occurrences (that is 8) of women in bikini.
> Unfortunatly I can't do more than taking a picture of the
> character and their local context to prove their existence, again I
> invite you and others to play the track to have a better
> overview of their context and have an opinion on the matter.

 1) I said I wait debian-women to evaluate the whole situation. As far
as I know you have not been designated to speak on their behalf.
 2) I didn't claim there's no occurrences where Sara appears in
bikinis. I said that there can be bikinis without it being sexist
(bikinis are not 100% proof that it's sexist). That's why I want
debian-women to evaluate the situation as a whole. I'm quite sure they
are better suited for the job than you are. I'm absolutely sure they
are better suited for the job than I am, so I see no reason to
investigate it myself at the time.

 - ML

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