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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9


>>> Automatic Translation:
>>> But Linus did not want any old penguin. His penguin should look happy,
>>> as if he had just enjoyed a mug of beer and had the best sex of his
>>> life. [...] It should be distinctive. Therefore, [...] has the Linux
>>> mascot an orange beak and orange feet, so that it looks like a
>>> penguin, whose mother was a duck. As Daisy Duck would be forgotten on
>>> an Antarctic cruise and had a wild one-night stand with a local
>>> poultry.
>> Yes. The last part should read "as if Daisy Duck had lost her temper on
>> an Antarctic cruise […]"
> Sorry, I might be dense, but I don't see any references to rape
> (forced, non-consensual sex) there.

Indeed. You got my point, then.

What we could do is discuss whether it is ok to have a mascot that is an
ilegitimate child. Did Daisy duck and the penguin agree on having the
child? Did they agree on one of them becoming a single parent? Did the
father penguin leave Daisy duck with the child?

Also, how about Tux' taste in alcoholic drinks?

Or is it just a male penguin looking quite happy?

Then maybe Penny is just a female penguin who likes to wear bikinis.

I am not intending to make fun of anyone, I am jsut exaggerating what
this all looks like to someone who is not deeply into feminism.


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