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Re: Issues with SuperTuxKart 0.9

2015-05-03 0:28 GMT+02:00 Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@debian.org>:
> Could you be a bit more verbose what sort of warning you have in mind?
> Like a first rough draft (doesn't have to be detailed)? You might want
> to follow upstream's suggestion to try the game first though.

I agree, but for personal reasons that I don't want to talk in an open
mailing list, I won't have time for that for some weeks.

I was thinking about someting like "Please acknowledge that since
version 0.9 the game includes the depiction of women in bikini for no
other reason than visual gratification.", or something along those

> Do you agree with this guess what would happen in the PEGI system? You
> don't have to agree with what PEGI does, I'm just asking about what
> would probably happen if we apply the (to me unknown) PEGI rules to
> Supertuxkart.

If we were to use just PEGI for game rating, yeah, I guess you would
probably be right. The display of a woman in bikini per se does not
have to mean a sexualized use of the women's body in every case. There
are games for little girls in which you change their clothes and their
appearance where the base figure is a girl in underwear. The problem
in this case is that the image is (apparently) used without any reason
only to provide candy images for heterosexual males.

> If you were to add some sort of warning to games, do you think this
> could use the "PEGI 12" criteria above for orientation when it might
> apply? In that case, one should probably try to find out a bit more what
> the criteria means in practice...

I honestly don't know. The rating of a videogame (or a film) has
usually very important economical consequences, so I would guess that
there might be quite a few negotiations and even sue threats in some
cases, in practice. Using a system like PEGI would certainly be better
than anything, of course.

Despite all that, being an issue that we all know parents to be
concerned about (not all parents, true), I think it would be cleaner,
more honest and responsible to tell about it in the package
description upfront, so that each one can decide whether they want to
install it or not, and not trying to sneak it in silently.

As I said, anyway, I'm not personally involved in that package in
particular, I have no immediate plans to get involved in it, and I
don't plan to make a battle out of it. As I said, the predictable
backslash is not worth it.


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