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Re: Issues with SuperTuxKart 0.9

2015-05-02 14:46 GMT+02:00 Hans de Goede <hdegoede@redhat.com>:
> Hi,
> Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion not that of my employer ...
> On 02-05-15 11:38, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
>> Hi!
>> We have just been warned, in a couple of Debian mailing lists [1] [2],
>> that release 0.9 of the game SuperTuxKart [3] includes sexualized
>> depictions of a woman in a bikini throughout the game [4] (and in the
>> official poster too [5]).
>> Some of us are concerned about that, the game being targeted
>> essentially at kids. You can read those threads in our mailing lists
>> to get more information, if you haven't aready.
>> I was wondering if any of your distros has already dealt with this
>> and, if so, how have you handled it?
> In Fedora we are working on updating the supertuxkart packages to 0.9,
> they are not ready / available yet. So far no-one has explicitly made
> a decision about the "controversy" surrounding Sara.
> I've been following the thread on the Debian games list, and I've tried
> to stay out of it, because IMHO it is lots ado about nothing.
> Most of the nay sayers have no clue what they are talking
> about they are just joining the bandwagon without having informed
> themselves at all, quoting from the thread:
> "that there is another important point which nobody has mentioned so far:
> Sara is the *only* female character in the whole game. and guess what,
> she's useless, not driving any kart and only there because of her
> aesthetics."
> That is so wrong it just ain't funny. The Sara model was designed as a
> cart driver, and then later on, one entire release later to be exact,
> when they needed some models of people to fill their "fantasy south
> American" village re-used.

Thanks, Hans!

I haven't played the latest version of the game myself and I'm not
personally involved in its packaging, so I wanted to know if it was a
concern for other distros too, and if they were going to do something
about it. There seems to be people okay with it, and others with
serious concerns. If I was personally involved in the packaging, I
would probably consider patching it. As I'm not (and I don't really
plan to be) I would be happy with just a warning in the package
description so that parents and teachers know everything beforehand
and can choose.

Lots of thanks for your input!! :)


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