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Re: Issues with SuperTuxKart 0.9


Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion not that of my employer ...

On 02-05-15 11:38, Miriam Ruiz wrote:

We have just been warned, in a couple of Debian mailing lists [1] [2],
that release 0.9 of the game SuperTuxKart [3] includes sexualized
depictions of a woman in a bikini throughout the game [4] (and in the
official poster too [5]).

Some of us are concerned about that, the game being targeted
essentially at kids. You can read those threads in our mailing lists
to get more information, if you haven't aready.

I was wondering if any of your distros has already dealt with this
and, if so, how have you handled it?

In Fedora we are working on updating the supertuxkart packages to 0.9,
they are not ready / available yet. So far no-one has explicitly made
a decision about the "controversy" surrounding Sara.

I've been following the thread on the Debian games list, and I've tried
to stay out of it, because IMHO it is lots ado about nothing.

Most of the nay sayers have no clue what they are talking
about they are just joining the bandwagon without having informed
themselves at all, quoting from the thread:

"that there is another important point which nobody has mentioned so far:
Sara is the *only* female character in the whole game. and guess what,
she's useless, not driving any kart and only there because of her

That is so wrong it just ain't funny. The Sara model was designed as a
cart driver, and then later on, one entire release later to be exact,
when they needed some models of people to fill their "fantasy south
American" village re-used.

Creating a good model is hard, and the stk team needed some people to
fill the village which serves as a backdrop to the actual game play ...

I'm the father of 2 girls, aged 7 and 11 and there is plenty of stuff
out there objectifying women which worries me greatly, but stk 0.9 does
not worry me at all.

I actually think that it is nice that the stk team has introduced
a cart with a princess driver and I'm pretty sure my girls will
love driving that cart.



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