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Re: Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

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Hi all,

> I absolutely support your positions. In particular I totally agree
> with

I absolutely don't support this. It's not males fault that majority of
game developers are males and it's not males fault that for strong
heroes we go with male characters and for beautiful heroes we go with
female characters.

> that there is another important point which nobody has mentioned so
> far: Sara is the *only* female character in the whole game. and
> guess what, she's useless, not driving any kart and only there
> because of her aesthetics.

Well I just checked supertuxkart on my machine and it has Sara and you
can choose her for driving a kart. Also I didn't check FAQ and if
pidgin is a male character, then artist just don't draw that good. So
stop trolling.

> now, if *at least* there was one of the other animal character who
> was female, the issue would be a little milder but no, there is
> not. no female duck or female monkey. only 1 white girl *showing
> off her body* cause that is all she does, doesn't she?

Well there is a monkey character named Suzanne and I must admit I
never met a male character named like that. Again this should be in
usptream FAQ or asked upstream. And what is with all that onslaught
with racism and sexism in supertuxkart?! Do you want Debian to become
bastion of inquisition or censor something whenever someone finds it
offending to their view while person doesn't try to check again their
views and also see that majority of people disagree on this. And for
the record: I don't see racism and sexism in supertuxkart, maybe and
just maybe a not so good artistic approach but who am I to judge the art

> *I am* a woman and as a woman I can tell you that when I was
> growing up I was mad for characters I could recognise myself into.
> even just to choose an avatar in a forum etc. and that was a
> struggle. the only decent female in tekken tag was the one who
> transformed herself in different characters (and wasn't even that
> strong). same with movies. and that *does* affect the way you
> imagine yourself and then the path you choose in your life. it is
> *not just a game, nothing more* as Gianfranco wrote:

As I said majority of game developers are male and by intuition we
create male heroes (but it's not like that's hard coded, there are
plenty games where you can play as female protagonist). If that
offends you then it's your problem because no one is stopping you (or
AFAIK anyone in past, present and future) to create female characters
or games with female only heroes. And you know what, it wouldn't
offend me at all, but your attitude to all this male vs female thing
is really offensive.

> No it is more. It affects our minds. Just as ads are not only
> images.

It's more if you allow it to yourself. You know, WWII first person
shooters doesn't make kids run around and kill everyone on their street.

> If that's the case then I perfectly see how Debian should do
> something about this. It's not that because everyone is used to
> only see useless females in videogames since Super Mario came
> along, then this should continue happening for ever and Debian
> should support it and everyone should think it's normal.

Debian isn't an inquisition organization and we are creating a
universal OS not parent advisory board. If you have problem with the
game talk to game developers or go with it to court or whatever.
Majority will simply not care for this because you see, we still have
bigger issues in world then people trying to find *things* in virtual

> If something is wrong, it is wrong and Debian should actually be
> very proud of supporting such a change.

This is wrong for you, this is not wrong for me and your voice or mine
aren't the only one here. And no, it's not Debian job to decide what's
wrong or good in this world and as such Debian. And Freedom and
Censorship don't go along IMHO.


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