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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

Addressing the question of age-inappropriateness and speaking as a
parent of a young boy and girl, who tries to be vigilant for
age-inappropriate content,  I see absolutely no issue with this game,
and would consider it appropriate for all ages. (This is by my own
relatively puritanical US moral compass.)

I expect the vast majority of the US population would not consider
this sexualized imagery, nor would they consider it age inappropriate.
(It looks to be safe for all ages.) The majority of Debian Developers
live in Europe, and North/South America. I expect that the cultural
norms in these regions, would also consider this game appropriate for
all ages.

I will not be discussing this any further, and probably won't be
following this thread, but I wanted to share that I did load the game
and investigate for a few mins.  Bad things do exist, but this doesn't
appear to be one of them, and I'm actually quite impressed with the
quality of the software, art and music that make up this
non-commercial FLOSS game. I will most likely be sharing it with my


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