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Re: Dreamweb, Soltys, Sfinx

Alexandre Detiste <alexandre.detiste@gmail.com> writes:

>> Markus Koschany@...
>>> I also added language autodetection in the launcher:
>>> it decodes LANGUAGE & LANG env vars and defaults to english if nothing
>>> match en/de/fr/es/it.
>> I think that's an interesting and useful feature. Thanks.
> So I ported it to drascula too, where it must also check that
> the appropriate language pack is actually installed.
> The .desktop files are left unchanged.
>>> I guess we'd now need to add an "--en" option
>> Yes, now this option would be needed
> Ok, I've added it.
> "Spiele die englische Version von Lure"
> is the right translation isn't it ?

This sentence is German for “Play the englisch version of Lure”. I would
italicize “Lure” or put it into quotes („“) to make clear it is a name.

Maybe it would be more useful to just write the text in the language
that it offers, like “Spiele die deutsche Version von Lure” and „Play
the englisch version of Lure“ ?

> Alexandre
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