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Re: Dreamweb, Soltys, Sfinx

On 21.04.2015 14:33, Alexandre Detiste wrote:
> Hi,
> After beneath-a-steel-sky, drascula & flight-of-the-amazon-queen;
> three new games have been advertised as freeware on
> www.scummvm.org .
> Do you have plans to package those ?


currently I don't intend to package those games for Debian. The license
issue with Dreamweb still appears to be unresolved despite the
clarification attempt of ScummVM's lead dev. Both Sfinx and Soltys use
DFSG-free licenses but I'm not interested enough to package them.
However they might be a good fit for game-data-packager. By the way
thanks for your ongoing effort in improving this tool. :)



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