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Re: Dreamweb, Soltys, Sfinx

On 23.04.2015 11:16, Alexandre Detiste wrote:
> Hi,
> I reviewed a bit how the DFSG-games were packaged.
> I translated Lure Of The Temptress man-page & launcher in french.

Cool, thank you.

> I also added language autodetection in the launcher:
> it decodes LANGUAGE & LANG env vars and defaults to english if nothing
> match en/de/fr/es/it.

I think that's an interesting and useful feature. Thanks.

> So this game can be used by someone who doesn't grok shell
> or creating custom desktop shorcuts.
> I guess we'd now need to add an "--en" option for users that would prefer
> to explicitely play the English version ?

Yes, now this option would be needed due to the new auto-detection
feature to override the LANG env vars.

> I added a rule for Soltys to g-d-p; I first tought "this game looks so lame
> but we have already added 'Chex Quest', so whatever..."
> in the end I spent 2 hours playing the game :-)
> I still need to find some way to add an icon for this game.
> This means either obeying to the rules of the "Soltys license" in g-d-p
> and copying extensive copyright information etc...
> or ask if a single icon could be licensed GPL-2+ .

You could make an in-game screenshot and create your own icon. It should
be square. Soltys license should be fine. I think there is no need for a
GPL-2+ licensed icon.

Thanks for the update



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