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Re: RFS: endless-sky/0.7.9-1 [ITP]

On 19/04/15 18:00, Michael Zahniser wrote:
> That means that the "source" files include many large GIMP files, and
> add up to over 3 GB. That's large enough that I think it's better for
> the image source files to be available separately rather than including
> them in the main source distribution. (I could add a line to the read-me
> giving a link to the current location (Google drive) of those files.)

Regardless of whether the license requires it, Debian's Free Software
Guidelines require source for all works in main, including both code and
non-code. (Some licenses, e.g. the GPL, also require source
distribution, again without distinguishing between code and non-code.)

OpenArena is a prominent example of an open source game that has a
"source" repository for assets, but does not really do releases for them
that correspond to the derived files in their releases. (They do at
least have a svn repository for the assets' source files.) The source
for the assets is currently around 2 GiB; I split it into several source
packages, each with one binary package containing the corresponding
derived files, to make it less unmanageable for uploads and debian-cd.


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