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Re: RFS: endless-sky/0.7.9-1 [ITP]

On 04/19/2015 01:00 PM, Michael Zahniser wrote:

I agree that having the "source" for all the graphics available for
anyone to view or modify is important. But I can't just export from
Blender files: for the 3D images, I touched them up by hand in GIMP
after rendering them, adding texture, scuff marks, color variation, and
random shadows and highlights. That was to make them look dirty and worn
rather than pristine and artificial. Similarly, a lot of the photos have
been retouched, e.g. shifting the colors to make them look more like
alien landscapes.

Consider doing as Paul advises, and offering a second deb file with "optional detained graphics" ? Warzone2100 has three levels of graphic detail for just it's video intro. The initial Debian install provides none. If you want them then you just go to their site and download it. One of the beauties of warzone is that users can create their own mods and terrains, since it's all source code and standard graphics from the start. And that attracts users. Just my two cents, Ric

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