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Re: Packaging Xonotic

On 10.11.2014 17:56, Simon McVittie wrote:
> The major blocker here, IMO, is someone who actually *plays* Xonotic,
> knows how it works, and is happy to take responsibility for it. I get
> the impression that that's not you, and you're mainly packaging it as an
> intellectual exercise / "because it's there"? :-)

The main reason why I joined this team was because my interest in free
software games and development is still broader and spans a wide variety
of different projects and themes and includes more than just the game
that I already played 20 years ago. I guess my hope was to find
like-minded people who share the same common goals.

Xonotic is a major free software game, probably the best actively
developed fps game out there. There are other important games and tools
that deserve more attention IMO, if you care for the state of free
software gaming and development. I believe that distributions are a
catalyst to make software accessible for people, for promoting ideas and
concepts and for helping to bring upstream and end users together. I'm
more like the generalist type of guy who enjoys to tie up all those
loose ends to make the whole better and not just a single product. I'm
most realistic about the fact that we need more people who care for the
bigger picture, otherwise you can't sustain the quality and number of
current packages in the archive and I am communicating this fact early.
So when I pick up "game X" on this list, it is most likely because I
want to encourage others to do packaging work and show that it is often
not as difficult as it may seem to finish something. However I know for
myself that this team can give you a hard time sometimes.

I also know my limits and that burning out and losing the passion is a
real danger. But my idea of a team is that you can contribute to the
work of others without doing everything alone and perhaps someone else
who is reading this now or in the future will pick up the work and join
the effort.

Thanks for the additional information. I'm sure they will be useful.


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