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Re: Packaging Xonotic

On 08/11/14 23:09, Markus Koschany wrote:
> Was there any kind of preliminary work for Xonotic,
> preferably maintained in a Vcs?

The three merged WNPP bugs' message logs know as much as I do; I'd
recommend sending any further progress to the WNPP bug too.


The d0-blind-id packaging so far is in

> We should update darkplaces and
> d0-blind-id then in a subsequent step.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone in pkg-games is welcome to pick up
d0-blind-id at any time.

darkplaces uploads to experimental are also welcome (not to unstable
during the freeze, please); bonus points if you can check that support
for Nexuiz Classic[1] and Quake hasn't regressed in that version.


[1] "nexuiz" in Debian, as opposed to the non-DFSG game that now has the
Nexuiz name

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