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Re: Packaging Xonotic


I have pushed the initial packaging for xonotic and xonotic-data to Git.



src:xonotic is almost complete, missing pieces are man pages and
updating debian/copyright and debian/watch and perhaps writing a
get-orig-source target in addition to the explanation in README.source.

The package is very similar to src:nexuiz. It is a simple wrapper around
the darkplaces engine. I still don't know how d0-blind-id fits in here.
At the moment it is just a dependency of xonotic.

src:xonotic-data provides a simple way to install upstream's pk3 files
into /usr/share/games/xonotic. There is currently nothing else required
for playing xonotic. I did some smoke testing and all basic things work.

We already have:


We should look into q3map2 as well. To the best of my knowledge it is
part of GtkRadiant and licensed under GPL/BSD/LGPL, so it should be
possible to package the map compiler.


* Someone should update d0-blind-id to version 0.7. Maybe even the
  latest version, 1.0, will work.
* We probably have to use upstream's pk3 files to ensure cross-platform
  compatibility. That's how other distributions like Fedora ship the
  data nowadays. However I am almost sure that we can do something
  similar to nexuiz-data and build the pk3 files from source.

To finish the packaging of Xonotic we need someone who wants to
investigate how the data is built from source.

It seems we would only need one additional package, q3map2. The rest is
already packaged and just needs some updates.

I can lend a hand too, when there is someone who is willing to maintain


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