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Re: Xonotic: gmqcc package review

Hi all,

Sorry for not keeping up to date on this thread.

On Sunday 29 September 2013 18:56:50 Anton Balashov wrote:
> > Why automatic tarballs [1] produced for git tags by GitHub do not
> > work
> for you?
> As I already mentioned, according to the bug [1], I have to use a
> custom commit. And AFAIK, because last versions of this compiler
> probably wouldn't build current xonotic code. So, automatically
> download tarball becomes not so easy and not so necessary. Anyone
> can get the same source from upstream git by hash from package
> version. I doubt that there will be another versions soon.

Maybe the newer version (0.3.0) will work with Xonotic, I have not 
checked this.  I made the recommendation of using the commit because, 
at the release of Xonotic 0.7.0, there was no recent version of gmqcc.

It would certainly be simpler if we could just use 0.3.0.


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