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Re: Xonotic packaging for new games team members (was Nexuiz 2.5.2-7)

On 28/09/13 08:59, Anton Balashov wrote:
> 28.09.2013 06:25, David Bate пишет:
>> I forgot to mention that the recommended git commit for Xonotic
>> 0.7.0
> is 100eaf9137008
> What version package will have if it will be based on some commit,
> i. e. not on a release tag?

Here are the constraints on the package version:

- must increase over time, even if you have to do another snapshot
  before the next official release
- should be greater than the previous official release number
- should be less than the next official release number
- it's helpful for it to include an abbreviated git sha1

If there's a git tag at the last upstream release, you can use `git
describe` to describe a commit like this (using d0_blind_id as my
example upstream project):

% git describe

That means "6 commits later than the tag v0.5, and it's git commit
86ae1d4". If I packaged that version of d0_blind_id, I'd probably
claim it was upstream version 0.5+6+g86ae1d4.

Using the date instead of the number of commits also works, although
you can end up with pretty long version numbers (e.g. see ioquake3).


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