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Re: curseofwar: now with SDL (3 packages)

8/17/13 1:19 PM, Paul Wise wrote:

> I would suggest to make the SDL version the default and add
> curseofwar-terminal or similar.

We want to keep ncurses version as a main version. Only it is full
featured and truly :)

> SDL 2.0 has been released, so please make sure the game is portable to
> both. If you need some ideas about what changes to expect, see the
> SDL2 commits in the chromium-bsu git log:
> http://sourceforge.net/p/chromium-bsu/code/ci/master/log/

Thanks, we will try.

So, if I will be able to take to Debian all 3 packages, what I have to
do for that? Open ITP bug? If one of 3 is already in NEW queue then I
have to file 2 bugs for the new packages?

If someone will find a free time, please, review my packages.



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