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curseofwar: now with SDL (3 packages)

Hello, team.

Thanks again for helping me in contributing curseofwar to Debian.

Our developing processes is going and we made a SDL version (in
curseofwar 1.2.0) of the game. It can be built from the same source by
make SDL=yes. Will be wonderful to take SDL version to Debian too. We
got common files (icons) and will get more when will done a company (set
of missions).
So, in the best case on we have 3 packages:
* curseofwar  (old name of package)
* curseofwar-common
* curseofwar-sdl

Team, what do you think: can I bring it to Debian? If so, what I have to
do? I'm asking because one of packages already is in NEW queue, but 2 of
them not.
Bas, will you help me with that in this time? :)

I made a first version (it works and lintian clean):


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