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Re: [RFS] nettoe: New release.

Schenes Grüssle!

lördag den 29 juni 2013 klockan 07:31 skrev Markus Koschany detta:
> God morgon!
> Terminal=True
Thanks for the verification.

> > Also I had the idea of using the crossed over vowel O as the 
> > optimal icon. It might be worth a try to extract an icon from
> > that image, though.
> I agree. I recommend to add the game to the sponsors queue afterwards
> which might increase the visibility a little. I am quite sure most
> people tend to forget requests for sponsorship on the list after a while.

A new upload with two icons, a pixmap file, and additional
desktop adaptions has just been sent to mentors.debian.net.

I do not immediately understand the procedures suggested by
the Sponsors Queue page, so I will have to come back on that.

  Mats Erik Andersson

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