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Re: [RFS] nettoe: New release.

God morgon!

On 28.06.2013 23:05, Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
> fredag den 28 juni 2013 klockan 21:44 skrev Markus Koschany detta:
>> Hi Mats,
>> i hope you were not scared away by some comments here on the list.
>> Obviously Dmitry didn't know Jester. :)


> No, I am not subscribed. The desktop file works fine for me
> with Openbox and Debian unstable. Since I never use KDE and
> Gnome otherwise, but rather wmii and dwm, I cannot tell in
> general.

I also use Openbox and I3 and for my final tests Gnome3 (to stay in
touch with trends) :). A quick test with the "desktop-validate" tool
revealed to me that the desktop file could be enhanced a little.

> A quick experiment on OpenSolaris and Gnome2, show that
>    /usr/share/applications/nettoe.desktop

That's the correct location however your upload at mentors installs
nettoe.desktop to /usr/share/xsession hence the game is not visible on
Gnome3 here.

> is the correct location there, but there I had to write
>    Exec=xterm /usr/local/bin/nettoe
> Explicitly invoking Xterm. This is clearly implicitly
> taken care of in Debian.

For pure console games i suggest to set


thus the game will be launched directly in a terminal. Works for me at

> Also I had the idea of using the crossed over vowel O as the 
> optimal icon. It might be worth a try to extract an icon from
> that image, though.

I agree. I recommend to add the game to the sponsors queue afterwards
which might increase the visibility a little. I am quite sure most
people tend to forget requests for sponsorship on the list after a while.



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