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Re: Jester vs nettoe

On 29.06.2013 04:06, Dmitry Smirnov wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Jun 2013 05:44:54 Markus Koschany wrote:
>> Obviously Dmitry didn't know Jester. :)
> That's true, I didn't know Jester but I'm not sure what's your point
> here... 

I see. I shall work on my sense of humour. :) My point is that nettoe's
popcon value is twice as high as jester's. Both games won't break the
record for the most outstanding Debian game but it seems there are
people out there who enjoy wasting time with them.

Unlike all the removal candidates that i have also brought up for
discussion here, those games are actively maintained. Put the individual
and subjective fun factor aside, at least they are working technically.

Also, don't forget, without Tic Tac Toe nuclear wars can happen. ;-)




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