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Re: plans for doom packages

On 28/06/13 09:42, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> deng does not accept the same command-line options as doom.exe did, so I don't
> think it should provide /usr/games/doom (or doom2) as an alternative.

Is the exact meaning of /usr/games/doom documented anywhere? For Quake,
/usr/share/doc/quake/policy.txt in the quake package describes what
quake-engine and quake-engine-server mean; it excludes options other
than -dedicated, -basedir, -hipnotic and -rogue.

If necessary you could have a deng-doom script which translates a subset
of doom.exe command-line parameters to deng syntax, like
/usr/bin/gnome-terminal.wrapper does for gnome-terminal? (gnome-terminal
is not a valid x-terminal-emulator alternative, due to incompatible
command-line syntax, but gnome-terminal.wrapper is.)


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