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plans for doom packages

Hi, I just thought I'd update the team with the latest on plans for
the Doom packages.

Fabian Greffrath is packaging prboom-plus which we plan to replace
prboom with in the archive. Prboom is the oldest packaged engine in
Debian, but it has ossified in recent years. Prboom-plus is a fork
which is maintained by a superset of the prboom developers. It
originally added features that were considered a bit too experimental
for prboom itself, but has seen the lion's share of recent development
so is generally regarded to be more stable now (and indeed, has put a
lot of effort into backwards compatible with the original DOS DOOM

Fabian will also take over as primary uploader for Freedoom.

I'd like to find someone else to take over deutex. It is used as a
build dependency on prboom but won't be for prboom-plus. However, it's
the only doom WAD tool in Debian so it would be a shame for it to
disappear IMHO.

vavoom has another maintainer already. We need one for deng (Doomsday)
as sadly Kees Meijs is in a similar position to me when it comes to
Debian stuff.

I'll be stepping down as uploader of rott and wolf4sdl as well.

I'm happy to hold on to chocolate-doom.

I'm happy - and planning - to continue to sponsor uploads of all of
the above.

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