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Re: We would like to have our games in Debian

Hi Pablo, thanks for contacting us!

Its a shame Miriam wasn't able to reply to you, I guess she has been
busy recently.

Since you are an upstream game developer, please read the Debian
upstream guide (and the links at the bottom) and the freedesktop guide
for upstream game developers, especially the source section.


It is unfortunate that you decided to fork Fenix, in Debian we much
prefer it if people work collaboratively and merge new features
instead of working separately and forking, which leads to duplication
of effort. Would it be possible for you to work with the Fenix
developers on merging BennuGD features back into Fenix? Perhaps you
could say something about why BennuGD needed to be forked from Fenix.

That said, only pixbros/pixfrogger in Debian use the fenix package, so
maybe just removing Fenix and adding BennuGD is the way to go.

About packaging your games for Debian, there are a few ways this could happen:

Wait for someone from Debian to do that. Your mail helps, but there
are a lot of games on the TODO list already and lots of games already
maintained by the team.

You or others from PiX Juegos could learn to package your games for
Debian and join the team to help out with other games. Here are some
links to get you started:


Come join us on IRC and we can discuss this in more detail.

If you need help with any Debian-specific jargon, please consult this wiki page:


The package QA pages for pixbros and pixfrogger are here, you might
want to look at the Debian/Ubuntu bugs links:


The majority of Debian users are now on amd64, so it would be great if
you could work on the 64-bit issue.


There will be various games team folks at DebConf13 if you want to meet us:


PS: I'm not sure if you are subscribed to the list, so I am CCing you.
I don't need to be CCed because I am subscribed. In future, please
send plain text mail to the Debian lists, as suggested by our code of




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