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Packaging Pioneer (was: Re: First Steps. ITA Powder.)


Quoting oz@scorch.net (2013-02-06 11:10:48)
> In parallel I'm looking to package Pioneer (http://pioneerspacesim.net) which
> may or may not be appropriate for unstable since it's under heavy development.
First of all, thanks for the interest, both in Debian and Pioneer :-)

IMHO (and with my upstream contributor hat on) Pioneer is not suitable
for Debian just yet. I was originally drawn to this project as a
packager, but realized pretty soon that

  * sources are missing/closed-formatted for most assets (I've been
    trying to fix this but with not much luck ATM)

  * It is a fast-moving target, and we break API and savefiles quite
    often; we've released alpha30 on January, 11th, and alpha31 is
    currently frozen and should be out by the end of the week.

Nonetheless, we'd welcome patches on the current debian/ dir, lintian
screamed loudly last time I ran it ;-).

> In any case it's good practise at packaging fresh applications. The source for 
> pioneer already includes a debian directory which produces a binary package
> and a data package but it appears debian dirs in source packages are discouraged
> and I should produce my own (no problems there). It does however create a
> binary package and a data package and I'm stumped as to how it does it. Is this
> implemented simply using the <packagename>-install files?

Yes. As long as you're using dh-style debian/rules, and both your
packages are declared in the control file, dh will automatically install
the specified files in $package.install. For further informations, man
dh_install might help you.

Ccing the upstream dev ML just in case.


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