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Re: Vote on NMU/commiting guidelines

On 31-08-12 07:46, Paul Wise wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 12:19 PM, Martin Erik Werner wrote:
>> Yes, between the alternatives the more restrictive won out, but on the
>> whole, I feel the guidelines are actually going in a more "liberal"
>> direction, since I would hesitate more on these thing if they were not
>> in writing.
>> That might just be me though?
> Up to now no-one on the team ever notified the list when they were
> bringing an ancient package up to date, so to me the team practices
> have gotten unnessecarily restrictive.

I thought those guidelines were meant for DDs who now have commit access
but aren't member of the team. Anyway there wasn't an option (other than
C) which didn't say that the team should be notified. You should have
proposed it. ;-)

The only restriction compared to A is that when uploading a package to
the archive for which you are not listed in Uploaders, you must use
DELAYED/5. Doesn't sound like a big problem to me.

And don't forget they're only guidelines, not rules used for punishing
people who break them. ;-)


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