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Re: RFS: cows-and-bulls - Words-based cows and bulls guessing game

>>>>> Aditya Vaidya <kroq.gar78@gmail.com> writes:


 > /usr/share/dict/words is actually a symlink to a certain dictionary
 > file within the same directory (mine symlinks to "american-english"),
 > and that file is provided by the package "dictionary-common".  I
 > think it somehow gets linked to american-english upon configuration
 > of either "dictionary-common" or "wamerican".

 > So, I suggest you use "dictionary-common" instead of "wamerican".

	As one of those interested in using more than one language on my
	systems, I'd like to suggest a command-line option to use an
	explicitly specified word list.

	Also, make it Recommends:, not Depends:, as the game will be
	perfectly playable with a wordlist below one's own ${HOME}.

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