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Re: can somebody package libalfont ?

On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 10:03 AM, Tobias Hansen wrote:

> I know both libraries (only from packaging them though) and from their outer
> appearance Allegro 5 is worlds ahead. They cleaned up the API, removed
> obsolete parts, included and harmonized the essence of all these half
> obsolete and redundant addons that were floating around. I wouldn't say that
> we should outright exclude new packages using Allegro 4 yet, though.

Agreed, excluding software using Allegro 4 wouldn't be a good idea yet.

> I didn't find a single free Allegro 5 game except the demo games when I tested
> the Allegro 5 package. And there are some very good programs like ASEPRITE
> (also on the games team queue) that are not ported yet. The author plans to
> port to Allegro 5, but he's not there yet.

I thought Hans had mentioned some, but I can't find the mail any more.
I asked on IRC and was told about this:


> Also, how can we expect people to
> use Allegro 5 when it is not in Debian?

They can build the unofficial source package or build from source
manually. Having software in Debian isn't a prerequisite for people
using it.

Since I'm (semi-inactive) upstream for alex4 I'll try to spend some
time reviewing the Allegro 5 during DebConf12.



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