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Re: can somebody package libalfont ?

On 07/02/12 17:11, Paul Wise wrote:
On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 1:31 AM, Hans de Goede wrote:

I would not say that, Allegro 4 is still actively maintained upstream, and
there are tons of applications written for Allegro 4, while there are very
few if any using Allegro 5.
The same situation exists with GTK+ 2/3 and Qt 3/4/5, we should still
advocate people write new applications with GTK+ 3 (not 2) and Qt 4/5
(not 2/3) and advocate porting existing software to GTK+ 3 and Qt 5. I
would think the same applies to Allegro, unless for some reason
Allegro 5 is worse. AFAICT, having more stuff like font rendering
built-in just makes it a better and more useful framework for game

I know both libraries (only from packaging them though) and from their outer appearance Allegro 5 is worlds ahead. They cleaned up the API, removed obsolete parts, included and harmonized the essence of all these half obsolete and redundant addons that were floating around. I wouldn't say that we should outright exclude new packages using Allegro 4 yet, though. I didn't find a single free Allegro 5 game except the demo games when I tested the Allegro 5 package. And there are some very good programs like ASEPRITE (also on the games team queue) that are not ported yet. The author plans to port to Allegro 5, but he's not there yet. Also, how can we expect people to use Allegro 5 when it is not in Debian?

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