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Re: RFS: zdoom

On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 06:42:06PM +0100, Johey Shmit wrote:
> I'll be happy to do that. Would that be on alioth? I do not know any
> procedures on how to use that yet. But in the long run it would be great to
> share my work on doom related packaging.

Yes - git.debian.org (which is alioth).

If you are familiar with git, the basic idea is:

 * the "upstream" branch tracks upstream releases
 * typically, a "debian" branch tracks debian work (so + ./debian)
 * tags are used to identify both pristine upstream releases and
   debian package versions (e.g. upstream/1.0; debian/1.0-4)
 * "master" varies, but is often synonymous with "debian"

"git-buildpackage" is an optional helper tool, along with "pristine-tar", to
support/extend the above workflow.

> Thanks for asking! I'm really busy and can't promise that I can help a lot
> on a regular basis. Would that make any sense then? Is there any info
> somewhere what the obligations are as a team member?

To be honest there are no real implications or expectations beyond allowing
others to fix problems in *your* packages if they beat you to it… so in many
ways it will be an advantage for those short of free time.

To get the ball rolling, you'd submit
<https://alioth.debian.org/project/request.php?group_id=30862>, an admin
(presently that doesn't include me) approve it, then you get a login e.g.
foo-guest which can be used to commit to the repo.

> BTW: I uploaded a new version of my source package where I was able to get rid of
> some embedded things you mentioned:


I am happy to start a git repo going with the state of the package as of your
last mentors upload, if you are happy to continue on from there? (I will also
try and look at the remaining issues)

Jon Dowland

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