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Re: reintroduce projectfootball?


2011/10/16 Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>:
> Hi Devid,
> A while ago projectfootball got removed due to changes in ogre/cegui. It
> seems projectfootball upstream has ported it to the latest cegui, which
> is available in Debian sid, how about reintroducing it?

Has anybody tried it recently?  Has this game got better?

I don't mean any offense, and what I am going to say it's completly
subjective so anybody can think the opposite, but when I tried it (not
long ago, 6 months to a year) it was far from complete, not fun at
all, and specially the simulation (the part most benefiting from OGRE)
is completely lame.  As in, the ball bouncing off bigger balls
(players) in a snooker-like fashion, most players not moving, the one
closer to the ball moving straight to the opposite goal... summary:
not approaching any realistic game of football at all.  The
non-simulation part, the one where you mess with the line-up and so
on, doesn't seem to be any good either, or have any real effect

The development didn't seem very active at the time, either, so it was
not like a pre-alpha version of some exciting software that somebody
decided to package because of its potential.

So at the time, I was left wondering why the game was packaged at all,
if not for completeness -- "Debian should have as much software
packaged as possible", and now I am surprised that somebody wants it

(I don't have anything against it, just curious about your POV :) ).


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