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Re: RFS: zdoom

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> Von: Jon Dowland <jmtd@debian.org>
> To get the ball rolling, you'd submit
> <https://alioth.debian.org/project/request.php?group_id=30862>, an admin
> (presently that doesn't include me) approve it, then you get a login e.g.
> foo-guest which can be used to commit to the repo.

>>  BTW: I uploaded a new version of my source package where I was able to get 
> rid of
>>  some embedded things you mentioned:
> Great!
> I am happy to start a git repo going with the state of the package as of your
> last mentors upload, if you are happy to continue on from there? (I will also
> try and look at the remaining issues)

That would be great! Please go ahead!

I had a look at the embedded gdtoa, unfortunately zdoom upstream seems to
have done several modifications (at least compared to the source from

Looks like I have to leave gdtoa, lzma and dumb in zdoom for the moment :-(

Best regards,


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