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Re: RFS: zdoom

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> Gesendet: 21:32 Sonntag, 2.Oktober 2011 
> On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 09:33:46PM +0100, Johey Shmit wrote:
>>  Should I upload the new package to mentors or should I first try to get rid 
> of
>>  lzma, gema-music-emu, gdtoa, re2c and lemon? That could take some time...
> What's your opinion of version control?  If you uploaded your WIP packaging 
> to
> a version control system, others could potentially contribute to the effort.

I'll be happy to do that. Would that be on alioth? I do not know any procedures
on how to use that yet. But in the long run it would be great to share my work
on doom related packaging.

BTW: I uploaded a new version of my source package where I was able to get rid of
some embedded things you mentioned:

- bzip2, zlib, jpeg-6b (removed the dirs as they are not used in the build)
- game-music-emu (links now dynamically against libgme-dev)
- tools/re2c and tools/lemon (the build uses the Debian versions)

Sitll there are:

- lzma (the port from the included version 4.65 to the one that is in Debian (5.1.1)
  is beyond my knowledge, sorry)
- dumb (zdoom uses specifics from that version (internal/it.h), to me it looks that
  it's not possible to compile it agains libdumb1-dev)
- gdtoa (I'll see if I can produce a .so version of that lib, that should be possible
  even with my minimal c knowledge)

> Whilst I'm on it, did I try to convince you to join the games team yet? :)

Thanks for asking! I'm really busy and can't promise that I can help a lot
on a regular basis. Would that make any sense then? Is there any info
somewhere what the obligations are as a team member?



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