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Next Debian Games meeting 10:00 UTC Sunday 26th June

Given the results of the doodle poll <http://doodle.com/grpfsnq8nnqnb7zm> I am putting down 2011-06-26 10:00 UTC as the time for the next Debian Games Team meeting. I did not pick the given time on a particularly strong resoning, past the poll results, so if there are any, and it should be moved, tell.

Thanks everyone who participated, albeit the initial mishap with the creation of the poll.

The agenda (still open for change) can be found at <http://wiki.debian.org/Games/Meetings/2011-06-26> and currently reads as follows:

1. From last meeting: http://wiki.debian.org/Games/Meetings/2011-05-29

   1. Alioth migration - did everyone and everything survive it?
   2. documentation regarding packaging
   3. Screencasting/game presentations

2. LiveCDs/Blends with a ready-to-play set of games

3. FHS regarding /usr/games et. al.

    * ref. http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/games/2011-May/000369.html
    * and https://lists.linux-foundation.org/pipermail/fhs-discuss/2011-May/000002.html

4. Fullscreen/windowed games, policy?

    * ref. http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-games/2011/05/msg00134.html

5. How to make sure that users of a graphical desktop environment find the manual (think PDF with images, not a man page that you view from a terminal emulator) of a game? In SDL programs it is often not easy to integrate this to the in-game menu system.

6. Debtag for "this is a multiplayer game", "this is a single-player game", "this is a multiplayer game with AI"?

7. Add "/srv/home/groups/pet/PET2/pkg-games/pet-git-helper update ${PACKAGE}.git" to hooks/post-receive in /git/pkg-games/setup-repository?

Welcome everyone
hope to see you there


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