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Re: Proposed Debian Games meeting 25-27th June

On 06/06/11 02:59, Karl Goetz wrote:
On Sun, 05 Jun 2011 17:39:45 +0200
Arand Nash<ienorand@gmail.com>  wrote:

Hello, I've created a timeslot poll for the next meeting:


The suggested times are 11:00 - 24:00 on the Weekend 25-27th Of June.

I can't seem to choose a timezone to enter my entries in, so i'm
wondering what tz is being used for the poll?

Right, I messed up in creation, I've re-done the poll here:
It should now support timezones and the ifneedbe options.

Sorry Evgeni, noticed you'd already put down your details for the previous one.

- arand

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