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Re: RFS: lugaru (new package)

On 08/06/11 13:37, Bruno Kleinert wrote:
Hi Arand,

at a quick review of lugaru I found the following issues:

The desktop-file-validate utility (package desktop-file-utils) spit out:
lugaru.desktop: error: value "1.1" for key "Version" in group "Desktop
Entry" is not a known version

Ah, right, I was reading the FD 1.1 *draft*, missing the hint in the word draft :) changed.

lugaru.desktop and lugaru.menu:
Please supply the full path to the binary or wrapper script like
Exec=/usr/games/lugaru to avoid messing with users' PATH environment

Ok, I was going by the example here http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/apa.html which did not have this.

I've changed Exec to use /usr/games/lugaru and TryExec to /usr/lib/games/lugaru/lugaru (the actual binary), I'm not sure if this makes perfect sense, but it made some to me.

In lugaru-data debian/control says Section: contrib/games. I didn't
notice any dependency or build-dependency on a package from the non-free
section, so lugaru-data goes either into main or into non-free.

Yeah, I noticed that before and it should already be changed. The -data package should be non-free (due to the "non-revenue" license).

The binary package lugaru-data has a circular dependency on lugaru. It
should be Enhances: lugaru.

Oops, Changed.

Cheers - Fuddl

Thanks for reviewing! I've uploaded new packages to mentors with these changes.


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