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Re: RFS: oss-compat (adoption, updated package)

On Wed, Jun 08, 2011 at 02:57:58PM +0300, Peter Pentchev wrote:

with so many replies, I guess I should write one more. :-/

> I'm not really sure why Fuddl reset the maintainer field when uploading;
> the usual practice is to set it to the Debian Games Team (as Stephen did)
> and, if necessary, put the uploader's name in the, well, Uploaders field :)

That's what obviously made me write the mail, I didn't even look at the
package itself, just checked the qa page first for bugs et al and found
the upload - from a different maintainer. Just after sending my reply I
received the 'Thanks' mail and thought that they've worked that out in
private and everyone else would ignore my now pointless mail.

So thanks to the involved people to ack that everything went smooth and in

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